Year in review: NGS Industry and Genalice in 2015

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Precision medicine is becoming more widely used by researchers and clinicians to diagnose complex DNA diseases and find the best possible treatment for a particular patient. Both, Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis, and patient diagnosis, are being assessed to have a better overview of the cause and effect leading to a disease. The “one size fits all” is no longer an option, as oncology is now realizing the power of ‘personalization’. Bioinformatics can provide valuable information on the early detection of disease, give insight into tumor genetics and suggest more effective treatment strategies for the genomic profile of each patient’s cancer. Thus, implementation of precision medicine requires strong collaboration among the new sequencing platforms, big data analysis, research centers and clinics in the coming years.

The year 2015 and the direction for 2016 have got great potential to significantly accelerate precision medicine research and improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with complex DNA diseases, such as cancer. The global launch of Map Population Calling Module
 in October 2015 was in its own a new standard setting for a highly reliable and ultra-fast detection of DNA mutations in larger patient cohorts, and another step towards the Genalice mission.

Last year has brought some great accomplishments at GENALICE for the NGS industry. The 2015 highlights include the new version release of Genalice Map (NGS data analysis suite), the launch of the Population Calling module, new strategic partnerships, and new team members who have joined the Genalice family.

Let’s see how 2015 contributed to where we are now.








  • KeyGene and Genalice report on successes of their strategic partnership. The companies are continuing on this path towards innovative Big Data analytics solutions to add real value to genomic workflows in business and research



  • The global launch of Genalice Map Population Calling Module

The year 2016 started off good for us. the Genalice team travelled to San Diego for the PAG XXIV conference. Together with two customers, KeyGene and Rijk Zwaan, we organized an Industry Workshop, to highlight how Genalice Map can streamline the NGS data analysis workflow and Population Calling module can be applied in plant genomics. Moreover, the conference presented some of the latest developments in plant and animal genomics.

We would like to thank all of our partners, scientific advisory board, investors and our team, who have supported the development of Map and the Population Calling module to transform the NGS data analysis for the benefit of patients and research.

With best wishes for the New Year,
The Genalice Team

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