Join Genalice at the Genetics Retreat 21-22 April

DNA sequencing is a big data science that is rapidly increasing in volume and complexity.

Today, biomedical big data approaches a level comparable to that of high energy physics and astronomy. This frustrates data acquisition, storage, distribution and analysis.

Genalice is an Official Sponsor of the Genetics Retreat, an annual recurring meeting since 1990, held at the former Augustinian abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Its 26th edition will take place on the 21st and 22nd of April 2016.

Each Genetics Retreat features a groundbreaking research in human genetics, clinical genetics, molecular genetics, translational genetics and epigenetics.

Jos Lunenberg, Chief Business Officer at Genalice will be speaking at the Pre-Retreat Course on April 20 and discuss How to tackle the NGS big data deluge? Not bigger is better, but smarter is better.

Genetics Pre-Retreat Course is dedicated to the “DO’s and DON’Ts of dealing with Big Data, providing important and relevant insight regarding BIG data analysis.” The session covers the following:

  • Presentations on current topics in biomedical sciences related to multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • An insight full discussion on appropriate methodology and awareness of compromises.
  • An instructive review of available analytical methods, especially with respect to prediction.
  • Interactive discussion and pre-evaluation of your own data and drinks with the experts.
  • If you are exploring new and better ways to manage large-scale NGS data, we would be glad to hear your case.

Meet us at the Genetics Pre-Retreat in the Conference centre Rolduc at 1 PM.


Heyendahllaan 82
6464 EP Kerkrade
T: (+31) (0)45 5466888

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