Genalice and KeyGene invite you for an inspiring seminar

Generate, Process, and Apply. Solutions for Agrigenomic big data challenges

The Agri & Food industry has to solve the big data challenges brought by the next generation sequencing revolution. More data is better as it provides more insights for better breeding strategies. The enormous amount of generated data however has to be processed and applied in such a way that it creates added value rather than headaches over heavy, lengthy and costly computing time.

This symposium, organized by KeyGene and GENALICE, will focus on the genomic big data challenges i.e. processing and application, by highlighting techniques and solutions. Cases from industry are included.

After the seminar you will know more about how to process and apply big data in a faster, better and easier way. You will have more clarity on how the continuously growing flow of big data can add value for your business.

You are most welcome to attend this FREE seminar which will be held at KeyGene in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Joining online is possible. Feel invited to register on Eventbrite:

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