The GENALICE approach

Out of the box

Out of the box. That is exactly what the GENALICE solutions are. We seek our solutions in ‘smart is better’, rather than ‘big is better’. We have developed refreshing, unique biomedical big data software solutions to deal with the avalanche of data involved in DNA processing, analyses and biomarker discovery.

GENALICE approaches technical issues like the mathematician Roger Penrose devised his popular  ‘Penrose triangle’ in the 1950’s, describing it as ‘impossibility in its purest form’. Whereas others seek solutions in brute force, GENALICE seeks solutions in intelligence.

'Impossible' Triangle Flower Vase

Truly master all biomedical big data issues

  • Significantly reduce the storage & processing footprint (master volume)
  • Significantly increase the data processing speed (master velocity)
  • Integrate any biomedical data format (master variety)
  • Facilitate data sharing (create additional value)

With great effects

  • Swiftly, accurately and cost-effectively process raw Next-Generation Sequencing data to accelerate any type of DNA and RNA research in Healthcare and the AgBio Industry.
  • Integrate and correlate large amounts of NGS data with any other type of biomedical data to improve and facilitate biomarker discovery research.
  • Unlock the potential of data sharing through a globally connected biomedical knowledge base for Clinical Decision Support (CDS) to enable better targeted treatment.

 Accelerate complete NGS workflow

Precision medicine is the way to significantly improve treatment of patients with complex diseases. GENALICE software solutions significantly accelerate all three steps within the NGS workflow from preprocessing of raw NGS data, to downstream analysis and Clinical Decision Support.

Watch the GENALICE Products & Vision video.