Our benefits

GENALICE technology brings NGS analysis to the next level and makes it more affordable, through improved quality, increased speed, significant storage cost reductions and its ease of use.


  • Our solutions easily cope with the nature of biology: its complexity (in cause-effects relationships) and the enormous variations in individual patient’s DNA (such as long INDELs).
  • The solutions have been benchmarked against widely used competitive tools to perform better for more complex NGS data analysis projects in research studies


  • Our footprint reduction and proprietary micro-parallel processing techniques make the speed of our NGS data processing & analysis ultra-fast, even on a standard dual processor hardware configuration.
  • GENALICE software provides you with a significant acceleration of your research projects.


  • Our breakthrough software solutions are based on the smartest algorithms and data processing technologies. They can be used on standard hardware configurations and do not need to be powered by dozens of CPU’s and executed by big data centers.
  • Our solutions reduce the storage footprint of NGS data 1-2 orders of magnitude, without losing any significant information. As a result, the storage costs can be reduced dramatically.
  • The resulting small storage footprint files can be easily up- and down- loaded and do not require expensive disk shipments.

Enabling sharing

  • Data sharing can serve as a powerful multiplier of basic NGS and translational molecular research. As GENALICE masters the 3 V’s of biomedical big data, it facilitates data sharing, and thus contributes directly to additional value creation.