The GENALICE approach

Out of the box. That is exactly what the GENALICE solutions are. We seek our solutions in 'smart is better', instead of 'big is better'.

GENALICE approaches technical issues like the mathematician Roger Penrose devised his popular 'Penrose triangle' in the 1950's, describing it as 'impossibility in its purest form'. Whereas others seek solutions in brute force, GENALICE seeks solutions in smart data processing.

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Our benefits

The GENALICE products offer you many benefits:

- Cost-effective

- Ultra-fast

- Reliable

- Enabling sharing

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Big data in genomics

As sequencing methods have become cheaper and more efficient, sequencing of DNA is skyrocketing. However, efficient processing, analysis and sharing of this data, are still major challenges.

Also, the massive size and diversity of biomedical data are major issues to be dealt with. The biomedical data challenge has become a true 'big data challenge'.

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