For NGS short read alignment speed, accuracy, flexibility and storage footprint reduction of preprocessed NGS data are the key challenges.

GENALICE MAP is a Next-Generation alignment solution that deals with all. GENALICE MAP preprocesses your data on standard dual processor hardware. Faster, better and extremely cost-effective.

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Identifying new biomarkers is an important stepping stone towards new targeted treatment methods for complex diseases.

GENALICE LINK is a unique and open correlation platform integrating molecular data and diagnostic data from different sources. LINK is an enabler of accelerated translational molecular research and biomarker discovery studies in particular.

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The ultimate goal is to treat patients with the best possible targeted drug regimen available, at the right moment and with the right dose. For complex diseases this is a real challenge.

GENALICE CHECK is a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solution that supports treating physicians in their daily clinical decision-making process.

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