Genomics white papers and research reports

While genomics has existed for decades, just recently it has started to evolve towards personalized medical treatment for complex DNA diseases. The Human Genome Project generated a vast amount of DNA data, enabling researchers and clinics to develop improved patient diagnostics. However, to bring new discoveries from a laboratory into the clinic, it often requires ample resources.

GENALICE introduces MAP, an NGS data analysis suite, to transform DNA-Sequencing and RNA-Sequencing research projects. In terms of quality, processing speed and cost-efficiency, major gains can be made. In our selection of white papers, different details of the unique capabilities of GENALICE MAP will be highlighted. Please select the one that addresses your specific questions.


Download White Paper: GENALICE MAP: An Introduction to a New High Performance Read Alignment Solution

Download White Paper: GENALICE MAP: Insertion and Deletion Detection Goes at Great Length

Download White Paper: GENALICE MAP on Intel® A Perfect Match

Download White Paper: Variant Calling in a Matter of Minutes

Download White Paper: GENALICE MAP Taking Definitive Care of the NGS Big Data Deluge

Download Report: NA12878 Platinum Genome GENALICE MAP Analysis Report

Download White Paper: Efficient and Accurate Population Genomics