Meet the team

The management team of GENALICE is composed of highly-experienced executives in the field of ICT and Health & Life Sciences. They are supported by a select group of scientific experts, as well as successful entrepreneurs and senior executives, who – based upon their experience and network – form great sparring partners for the management team.

  • Management Team


    Chief Executive & Technology Officer – Hans KartenHans (circle)

    • Expert in design and development of high-volume data management and processing solutions; both software and hardware
    • Fourteen years at Oracle focused on high-performance computing architecture and core database development
    • Eleven patents

    Chief Financial Officer – Richard IrwinRichard (circle)

    • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
    • Experienced in private equity and investment
    • Seven years at Schroders in London
    • Six years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and UK

    Sales Director – Michelle MeijerMichelle Meijer

    • Molecular Biologist, PhD
    • Expert in sales to life science and molecular diagnostic organizations
    • Experiences for >15 years at several global leading providers of lab technologies, ultimately as Regional Sales Head
    • Proven track record of positioning new products and technologies into the market

  • Scientific Advisors


    Prof. Edwin Cuppen - RvA

    Prof. Dr. E. (Edwin) Cuppen (1970)

    • Head of Research, Department of Medical Genetics, University Medical Center Utrecht
    • Chief Scientific Officer at InteRNA Technologies that focuses on miRNA-based diagnostics and therapeutics
    • In his current work Prof. Cuppen combines experimental methods, including next-generation sequencing technology and animal model studies, with bioinformatic approaches to identify functional elements in genomes and to understand the effects of genetic variation under normal and disease conditions.

    Prof Cuppen: “After the revolution of NGS, integrating DNA data with other diagnostic information to unravel correlations between the different biomedical domains is the next hurdle to take. GENALICE’ groundbreaking approach has the potential to address major challenges in biomarker discoveries and personalized medicine development.”



    Prof. Gerrit Meijer - RvA Prof. Dr. G.A. (Gerrit) Meijer (1960)

    • Head Pathology department, VU Medical Center Amsterdam
    • Pathologist, focusing on translational research in colorectal and gastric cancer
    • A major part of  Prof. Meijer’s research program runs within the context of the Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (, aiming to identify and validate biomarkers for early cancer detection.

    Prof. Meijer: “Based on their experience in high volume data processing and analyses, GENALICE has chosen a refreshing and unique approach to advance biomarker discovery research. This places them in an excellent position to become an important player in this field.”




  • Vacancies

    GENALICE aims to be a great place to work, matching passionate, committed people with work they enjoy. We are always looking for talented professionals who enjoy being part of a team and are willing to go the extra mile to getting closer to our corporate mission. If you are interested in joining us, please email us your CV to

    Current available positions: